10.45-11.30 10.45-11.30     9.15-10.30  
    Creative Movement II 4-4.6 Pre-Ballet I (Pre-K) 4.6-5     Int&Pointe I&II Red  
    Pink Mint        
            Int/Adv&Pointe II&III  
    3.00-3.40 3.00-3.40      
    Creative Movement I 3-3.9 Toddlers 2.6-3 yrs      
    Pink Pink      
  3.15-4.00 3.45-4.30 3.45-4.45 3.15-4.00 3.15-4.00  
  Pre-Ballet I (Pre-K)4.6-5 Pre-Ballet II Kindergarten Technique I (1st Grade) Creative Movement II 4-4.6 Technique I (1st Grade)  
  Mint 5.3-6 yrs Lilac Light Blue Pink Light Blue  
  4.00-5.00 4.30-5.30 4.45-5.45 4.00-5.00 4.00-5.00  
  Navyt Navy TechniqueII&IIILt Blue Intermediate Hunter Navyt Navy Intermediate Hunter  
  5.15-6.30 5.30-7.00 5.45-7.00 5.15-6.30 5.00-6.15  
  Advanced Advanced Pointe Int & Pointe I&II Advanced Int/Adv&Pointe II&III  
  BlacklBlack Blackllack Red Blacklack White  


Every child will be evaluated and placed according to age and ability.

Levels: Ages and leotard color

Toddlers, Creative Movement I&II (2-4 yrs: Nursery School) Pink Pre-Ballet I (4.6-5yrs:Pre-K) Mint Pre-Ballet II (5-6yrs: Kindergarten) Lilac

Beginner Technique I (1st Grade) Lt Blue Technique II&III (2nd and 3rd Grade) Lt Blue

Intermediate: Hunter Advanced Intermediate: Navy Advanced: Black.

Dress Code: Children must be in uniform for every class. Uniform consists of class/level leotard, pink or white tights (footed or convertible) and pink or white leather slippers. Leg Warmers and Ballet Sweaters are permitted but they MUST be pink. (Colors and black disturb and hide the lines of the body)

Creative Movement I & II, Pre-Ballet I & II are required to wear the uniform the office asks. Upon registration you are given the style # and place to purchase.

Technique I, II & III are required to wear a Short Sleeve Light Blue leotard (no skirt)

Intermediate are required to wear a classic Navy (not royal) Leotard. Some need a classic Red (not burgundy) leotard. It may be Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Camisole or Tank. No Criss Cross backs, Halter Tops or embellished Leotards.

Advanced are required to wear a Black leotard. It may be Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Camisole or Tank. No Criss Cross backs, Halter Tops or embellished leotads.

Hair needs to be combed and pulled back neatly. Children in the Technique I, II & III, Intermediate and Advanced Levels are required to put their hair in a bun.

Pointe is not required in our school. A child can be a serious student and love to dance without pointe. Requirements for pointe are as follows:The year your child is 10 (5th Grade), she must be taking 3 lessons a week to be considered to start pointe the following year (11 years old).

Attendance Students MUST arrive at least 15 minutes before class time. This applies to rehearsals as well. Missed classes can be made up. Call to schedule. Children in the Intermediate and Advanced Level are strongly advised to make up their missed classes. Please call or email if your child will be absent.


  • Water is permitted. No eating is permitted. Nevertheless, we understand that some children come straight from school and need a snack before class. Please no cookies, crackers, pretzels etc. Yogurt drinks, cheese sticks, fruit or carrot sticks are good examples.
  • In an effort to keep our school as clean as possible shoes are not allowed. Place your shoes on the shoe racks provided. Please remind your children that they must place the shoes on the racks and not leave them on the landing which could cause an accident.
  • Strollers need to be folded and placed in the corner where the mailboxes are.
  • Videotaping and photgraphing is ONLY permitted during Parents' Visiting Week.

Performances Participation in our performances is not mandatory.If your child is eligible and your family participates in the performances all rehearsals are MANDATORY.

Nutcracker 2013 - Saturday, November 23 and Sunday November 24 - Performances Wednesday, November 20 - Friday November 22- Theater Rehearsals

Placement Calls - Friday, September 27, 2013 at 6.15pm for the Pre-Ballet II and Technique I,II & III Levels Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 11.30am for the Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Rehearsals will include the weekends of: October 5-6, October 12-13 (only Intermediate and Advanced Levels), October 19-20, October 26-27, November 2-3, November 9-10 and November 16-17



Classes and schedule are subject to change. For questions concerning the schedule please call 212 535 6556 or email
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